Mexico City 2024 Travel Guide & Recommendations

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Everything you need to have a great trip or move to Mexico City!

This guide contains useful information and hundreds of recommendations for the following categories:

  • Food & Drink - Mexican food, International food, coffee, bakeries, and, of course, TACOS (includes a 'taco price index' to let you know where the cheap and expensive tacos are)
  • Health - English-speaking doctors and dentists, pharmacies, marijuana dispensaries, and where to get blood tests
  • Money - Which ATMs to use, converting foreign currency to pesos, and which banks & apps to use
  • Services - Co-working spaces, pet groomers, immigration lawyers, setting up utilities, cell phone plans, gyms, and more
  • Transportation - public transit tips, Uber, shared bikes, best airlines, and more
  • Fun - Parks, hikes, museums, cultural and seasonal events, and fun things to do in the city
  • Housing & Apartments - Everything you need to know to find and lease your dream spot in the city
  • Learn Spanish - Tips and tools for learning Spanish
  • Communities/Groups - Meet new friends and get involved in the community
  • Colonias - Overview of the major colonias and what they have to offer

Best of all, you can access it digitally right on your cellphone! No need to lug a heavy book around in your backpack.


  1. Regular updates: This is a living document. Whenever I eat at a restaurant I love or find a cool new park, I add it to this document.
    • On the homepage, there is a module showing the live exchange rate of the Mexican Peso to the US Dollar.
    • Also on the home page, there is a live 3-day weather forecast.
    • Leave feedback and ask questions directly in the document. I respond to inquiries within a few business days.
  2. Handpicked recommendations: Everything in here are services I've used or places I've been.
    • I am not endorsed by any of the businesses listed (although it does contain a couple affiliate links.)
  3. Organized and easily accessible: Quickly navigate through the guide using the Table of Contents and links.
  4. Offline accessibility: Download the guide to your device for easy offline access, ensuring you have access even without an internet connection.
    • To add a copy to your own Notion app, click the "Duplicate" button in the top right of the document.

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Mexico City Travel Guide


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Mexico City 2024 Travel Guide & Recommendations

2 ratings
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